Exercise Your Dog This Winter

dog winterHave you noticed that most humans put on a “winter coat” of 5 or 10 pounds? Between the holidays and the cold weather, many of us find it hard to diet and hard to get out and exercise. Unfortunately, our dogs often become victims of our laziness and they also gain weight. For dogs, that extra 5 or 10 pounds brings on many health issues that would otherwise be avoided. Follow the steps below to keep your dog fit through the winter months.

dog winterStep 1: Bundle up (that goes for both of you). Don’t be afraid to put on your scarf, mittens, boots and winter coat and get outside. You’ll need to get a sweater for your dog, especially if he has a short coat. You can also get him some booties to keep his paws warm and protected. It’s not necessary to get out there every day, but try to get out at least a few times a week, if only for a short walk.

Step 2: Exercise his mind. Play games inside the house. Hide his favorite toy and have him find it somewhere in the house. Stimulating his mind, even by talking with him throughout the day will help keep him from getting the blues.

indoor dog playroomStep 3: Make indoor play dates. Have a friend bring her pooch over to the house and let the two dogs interact. You might have to reset the furniture when they leave but at least your dog will tire out from the socialization.

Step 4: Find pet friendly indoor environments. Even taking your pet to a pet retail store will help burn some energy. It will keep his spirits up and it will stimulate him to see the new environment. Find out what other indoor locales are friendly to the canine population.

doggy treadmillStep 5: Find an indoor swimming pool that allows access to pets. These are not always easy to come by, and are not always inexpensive, but in cold climates it’s worth the search.

Step 6: Treadmill training. It has recently become popular to train dogs to walk or run on the treadmill. Of course, you’ll want to start slowly and use caution when beginning this exercise routine. Also, never leave your pup unattended on a treadmill.

By following these steps, neither you nor your pet should put on the “winter coat” this year.

We hope that this guide was of help to you and your pet. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any additional comments or questions, at A_Royal_Enterprises@Lycos.com

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