Horse Vitamins & Supplements

Proper nutrition is vital for safeguarding a horse’s health. As a horse owner the best thing you can do is give your horse vitamins. These equine supplements can drastically improve an equine’s life and they play a key role in improving the overall quality of your horse’s health from foul stages to adulthood. The benefits vitamins have to offer are abundant. They assist in improving digestion, muscle and bone growth, hoof care, maintenance of healthy skin and coat, and much more. Top quality equine vitamins and nutritional supplements provide an excellent way to ensure equine health.


Grand CoatDesigned to deliver breathtaking colors, glossy coats and a lustrous mane and tail. Grand Coat’s unique quadruple action formula works quickly and provides dramatic results providing a rich source of Omega Fatty Acids, key minerals, and amino acids. The ingredient that really sets Grand Coat apart from other products is Lecithin, which supplies phospholipids, a vital requirement for helping enhance healthy skin and a deeper improved coat color.

Grand Complete – contains key ingredients from our most popular products, Grand Flex, Grand Hoof Pellets, Grand Coat, and Grand Vite, into one unique formula targeting all the key areas for overall wellness of your horse. By providing this powerful, balanced formula daily, you simplify your program to provide support and help maintain the joints, hooves, coat, immune system, and digestive tract with the benefits of its “all-in-one” formula. Consolidating ingredients into one comprehensive product reduces your costs, and provides your horse with an “all-in-one” support program. Grand Complete is even safe to use with reduced levels of other Grand Meadows products to further enhance your horse care program. Available in 10lb and 25lb.

Grand Flex – was designed to provide a powerful tool to help keep your horse fit and sound. You owe your horse the extra support that Grand Flex can provide if you want to keep him moving at his best. Grand Flex has been repeatedly recognized in Horse Journal as the best glucosamine product on the market. By combining glucosamine with important co-factors Grand Flex will not only support just the joints, it will also help to maintain and support associated tendons and ligaments, providing a much more comprehensive solution. Top professional riders all over the world use Grand Flex along with thousands of other horse owners – the one consistent response we always get – IT WORKS! Available in 10lb and 20lb.

Grand Hoof’s – original formula, developed over 20 years ago is a formula that has all the ingredients to support the growth and maintenance of strong, tough, healthy hooves. Their potent formulas will give you the best and fastest results – results you and your farrier have been looking for. First you’ll see a new healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band. Remember – it takes 3-6 months for solid improvement and almost a year for the hoof to completely grow out. Available in 10lb and 25lb.

Horse Vitamins are vital to equine health. However, horse care extends much further. As a result we have brought together our partner affiliates with their quality products and services for you to explore. These products and services offer you the freshest horse feed, with high quality ingredients to boost overall health. Be sure to browse our extensive selection of veterinarians and horse medication supply partners to keep your horse healthy and in their best condition. Each affiliate offers the best of products and services. Our blog page is updated on a regular basis with insightful information for the best care of your horse.


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