Avenue Retractable Cord Leash – Small (up to 50lb. dog)

July 14, 2013

Avenue Retractable Cord Leash – Small (up to 50lb. dog)

Hagen Avenue Retractable allow your pet greater freedom while still being under your supervision.

Avenue Retractable Cord Leash

Avenue Retractable Cord Leash


Stop and Lock Control:
Instant push-button stop engages brake

Integrated Traffic Control Loop:
Allows for better handling and tighter control

Protective Snap Cover:
Protects you from metal snap should the leash recoil unexpectedly due to collar release

Wide Grip:
Wide hand entry area accommodates hands of all sizes while ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and provides better control

Cord Length:
  Cord moves in and out smoothly up to 16 feet

Available Colors: GreyRed and Blue