Pet Odor Exterminator Candles – Chocolate Lover’s Collection Bundle

Pet Odor Exterminator Candles – Limited Time Offer!!

Now Available in a Very Popular Assorted
Chocolate Lover’s Collection Fragrances Bundle

 You will receive 5 assorted Chocolate Lover’s Collection fragrance candles:

Hot Chocolate

* Hot Chocolate 

“Indulge your senses in the fragrance of hot chocolate
perfect for those cooler winter nights.”

Mint Chocolate

* Mint Chocolate

“Whether you prefer mint chocolate chip ice cream
or a cup of hot cocoa with a mint stick,
your sense of smell will thank you.”

Chocolate & Raspberries

* Chocolate & Raspberries

“Take in the heavenly aroma of luscious raspberries drizzled in chocolate.”

Indulge your senses in our Chocolate Lover’s Collection. The perfect way to enjoy your chocolate without the guilt!

– Try Them Today — YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

 These candles not only look attractive and smell fantastic, but more importantly their unique Enzyme Formulation attacks and Removes Pet Odors when burning.

Each 13 oz. Odor Exterminator Candle burns 70 hours.

These fragrances only available while supplies last…..HURRY!!!

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Pet Odor Exterminator Candles

Pet Odor Exterminating Candles

Now Available in 28 Very Popular Fragrances

Fresh Strawberries Fresh strawberries will tempt your customer’s taste buds with its light, fresh and simply delicious, ready to eat strawberry scent.


Mulberry & Spice The Aroma is wonderful combination of wild berries, cinnamon sticks and bitter orange peels. One of our best selling year-round fragrance that is uplifting.


Clothesline Fresh Our master blender has created an exquisite new color and fragrance to remind your customers of beautiful blue spring skies, crisp spring air and the fresh clean smell of laundry sun drying on the clothesline.


Cinnamon Apple The aroma blends the scents of spicy cinnamon sticks warming on the stove with the fruity touches of a ripened apple. The fragrance will truly satisfy all your senses.


Green Apple Pomegranate The delicious Green Apple Pomegranate is overflowing with fragrances of fresh, crisp Green Apples and sweet and juicy Pomegranate. This blend of flavors gives this fragrant aroma its sweet-tart goodness!


Cherry Pomegranate We have married the very tiny, but extremely sweet and juicy essence of the Pomegranate fruit with a classic favorite, the sweet and tart Cherry. This makes for a mouth-watering fragrance!


Orange Lemon Splash Boasts a unique blend of sweet oranges with a splash of tangy lemons. The sun sweetened, fresh and exotic intermingling of citrus fragrances is perfect for anyone who loves refreshing and invigorating scents!


Honeydew Melon A cool, refreshing and mouth watering fragrance of the familiar juicy, pale green melon. The sugary melon is brilliant fragrance for spring and summer.


Creamy Vanilla Vanilla is one of the most beloved fragrances around the world. We have captured the ultimate essence of vanilla in this warm, delicious and now even creamier, new & Improved creamy vanilla. This is a fragrance everyone will melt over.


Lavender with Chamomile A soothing aroma of crisp lavender that you’re sure to love. It is infused with Chamomile to enhance relaxation. The sweet floral fragrance is calming and stress reducing.


Bamboo Breeze The Bamboo Breeze is an uplifting and airy fragrance best described as Fresh and Clean!! The light nature of this scent makes it perfect for any occasion. Take a deep breath and let the Bamboo Breeze whisk you away.


Mango Pomegranate Refreshing and uplifting best describes the Mango Pomegranate fragrance. With its lightly sweet and fruity scent of Mango and undertones of Pomegranate, this fresh exotic combination will wake up your senses with its cheerful aroma!



Seasonal Candles

(Limited Editions)

Coastal Breeze One of nature’s freshest fragrances, is soon to be a favorite! This light and refreshing beachy fragrance will remind you of a breezy coastal day where the gentle coastal waves spray a fine mist into the fresh air. Escape there today!

Summer Storm A refreshing aquatic scent lightly blended with a hint of jasmine and orange flower. The soft musk undertones enhance the clean and crisp fragrances found only by the sea shore. It will remind you of a tropical island in the midst of a warm, fragrant Summer Storm!

Tahitian Orchid This is the traditional scent of love. orchid with the light fragrance of amber.


Sugared Cranberry A refreshing blend of fresh, tart cranberries with hints of nutmeg and ginger. A perfect fragrance for the winter season.


Gardenia Delight Captures the sweet timeless scent of a gardenia blossom that softly fills the air. It is delicate, smooth and full of exoticism. One smell and you will be transported to the tropics.

Garden Lilac Sweet fragrance of gardenia blossom and soft lilac. A calming light fragrance you are sure to enjoy!


Cinnamon Sprinkle The Cinnamon Sprinkle fragrance has the aroma of spicy cinnamon bubbling out of the center of hot cinnamon rolls. This fragrance is so warm and inviting, you will want to keep it lit all the time.

Candy Cane The new Candy Cane fragrance will remind you of the peppermint twist treat and childhood memories. Smells of comfort are sure to help you relax.

Cherry Blossom A Sweet and fresh fragrance, cherry mixed with a hint of light floral. The perfect fragrance of spring.


Pumpkin & Spice Everyone finds it hard to resist the aroma of warm, homemade pumpkin pie and spices. A warm blend of buttery pumpkin with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Fresh Cut Evergreen & Berries Enjoy the cozy feeling of Christmas while the scent is like strolling through the a brisk winter forest. Smells like a fresh cut pine are popular for individuals who have artificial trees.

Island Plumeria This is a captivating and soothing island floral fragrance. It’s a sweet ambrosial nectar that is sure to please the most discerning nose.


Pineapple & Coconut This tropical fragrance is a deliciously balanced blend of juicy Pineapple and creamy Coconut. This is a combination we like to call paradise! Sit back, relax and let this fragrance take you away!


Hot Apple Cobbler Yummy in your tummy…describes this new fragrance! Imagine dishing out a warm, melt-in-your mouth serving of your mom’s Hot Apple Cobbler! Warning, this fragrance may make you homesick.


Delicious Pancakes Warm memories of Sunday mornings, maple syrup and hot, delicious pancakes are sure to make you melt!



These candles not only look attractive and smell fantastic, but more importantly their unique Enzyme Formulation attacks and Removes Pet Odors when burning.

Each 13oz. Odor Exterminator Candle burns 55 hours.


Try One Today — You Will Love Them!